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  • Together with BUND-Ostwuerttemberg (Friend of the Earth) and  local groups of Aalen we run the One-World House Aalen. The educational cooperation in the Torhaus with the adult education center (VHS) Aalen and the City Library creates offers for education for sustainability (BNE).

    In our Global Peace Room you will find various educational and information materials on topics from the areas of global learning, peace and environmental education. Exhibitions and workshops invite you to think and become active.

    The current activities can be found at: www.um-welthaus.de 

  • Ukraine Aid

    The war in Ukraine turned many people into refugees who also arrived here in Aalen. We have set up a clothes, toys and household items bazaar in our Um-Welthaus, where refugees and other people can look for things they need at any time. At our Ukraine Service Point, people can get translation services and find multilingual information about informations and important issues as our volunteers speak multiple languages. Furthermore, we offer various groups for women / parents and children / young people and the opportunity to acquire the first language skills.

    The current group program can be found here:

    We also support refugees from Ukraine in Georgia: see the Caucasus Office page


  • One World mobile

    We are also on the move with our thematic offers. The speakers like to come to schools, initiatives, groups or we take part in events. We can offer our Um-Weltzelt as a mobile infrastructure, the Um-Weltbühne is a mobile puppet theater for the little ones. We organize mobile formats such as excursions, hikes and city tours. Concepts that have already been developed are the "fair bike/hike tour" 

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    One World Tent
    Our environment tent is a bright yurt that can comfortably accommodate a school class / group. In the natural circle of the tent we sit on the ground and learn more about one world and environmental issues. These can be used as a mobile classroom/educational space for project days or for the holiday program.

    Fair cycling/hiking tour
    Experience sustainability: The Fair Bike Tour was developed as part of a project to experience sustainable place in our region. Various sustainability topics such as biodiversity, fair trade, renewable energies and global nutrition are dealt with using playful methods. The original route ran between Aalen and Heidenheim, from the Um-Welthaus Aalen to the Green Classroom in Brenzpark Heidenheim. A variant of the route from Schwäbisch Gmünd to Aalen was adapted for the Remstal Garden Show, but other routes are also possible. With sections or alternative routes, the tour can also be completed on foot as a fair hiking tour.

    City ​​Walks
    A few years ago, the environmental house offered a consumption-critical city tour under the keyword “world-conscious”. Today we are more concerned with tangible alternatives for sustainable consumption or, in cooperation with the BUND, with climate change, whether global or the microclimatic conditions in urban space. As a special focus, there is also a tour of sustainable textiles in cooperation with the Future Fashion project.

    One World Stage
    In a puppet show project, we constructed a mobile puppet theater and can bring it with us for activities on various topics for the target group of pre-school and early elementary school children. Working out small pieces together in connection with making your own dolls is also a popular method.

  • Global Peace Room

    In our environmental education room on the 4th floor in the gatehouse (barrier-free accessible), not only schoolchildren and young people meet to find out about global issues and exchange ideas. This is where ideas for a sustainable future worth living come from and plans for activities, campaigns and projects are created. If you are interested, please contact us.

    With various exhibitions in the foyer of the Um-Welthaus, we provide information about global and regional sustainability issues. A joint six-monthly program offers information events, discussion forums, film evenings and online exchange with partners in other countries. The offers cover a wide range of topics of the SDGs (UN Sustainable Development Goals).