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    act for transformation association was founded in 2007 as a non-profit cooperative. It works in the field of global and intercultural learning and in civil conflict transformation. We are registered as a public provider of youth welfare, as well as a sending and receiving organization for voluntary services.


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    As a cooperative we have a democratic and transparent structure and each member is entitled to one vote. Two board members with equal rights are elected by the general assembly and manage the business. Our members, employees and trainers are involved in decision-making processes and in working groups. We are committed to the transparency initiative and our finances are audited and published by the Auditing Association of Cooperatives.

    We are an international cooperative with members from different countries. Together with our Georgian members, we founded the non-profit organization "act for transformation - caucasus office" in 2017, which is registered as a non-profit organization in Tbilisi under Georgian law.

  • Get involved

    We welcome people who want to work with us or support our work financially.

    We carry out projects in Germany (see Um-Welthaus Aalen) and cooperate with project partners in Eastern Europe (see Caucasus Office). For young people, we offer the opportunity to work in voluntary service or in internships.

    If you support our goals and mission statement, you can become a member or support our work with a donation.

    Here you will find the statue of association and the declaration of membership of the cooperative.

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    We welcome new members who want to work with us or support our work. We chosed the form of a non-profit cooperative, so that every member have the same rights and can take part in the participatory dessicion makeing process. A cooperative share is 200 Euro, which can be paid in two annual installments and than you become a member and are invited to all cooperative meetings and activities. With a membership fee of 60 euros per year, you support the work of the cooperative. 

    Work with us

    You can work with us in a variety of ways

    • Preparation and implementation of events and activities on global learning, peace building and intercultural understanding
    • Organize our children's holiday programs, to which we particularly invite migrant children
    • Implement information events to subjects we are working for
    • fundraising and sponsorship campaigns for our projects for our project partners
    • implement your own project ideas. 
  • Donate

    We are happy about every donation that helps us to carry out our projects and offers young people the opportunity for voluntary service. Our donation account is:

         act for transformation
         GLS Bank Bochum
         IBAN: DE61 4306 0967 7003 1339 40
         BIC: GENO DE M 1 GLS

         You can make an online donation directly via Betterplace or when you shop online via WeCanHelp.


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         You can also support us with a monthly amount and thus support our work in the long term.

         Sponsors of our work are also very welcome. Please contact us and we will clarify options and agreements.

  • Mission

    In a world that is increasingly becoming a global network, we are committed to fair, social and ecological change.

    Human progress can make this change. Everyone can work for positive changes in their private lives, at school and at work, in the community and on an international level.

    Our mission statement is:

    Everyone can act for change.