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  • new rooms in Aalen former school

    Our new rooms in the former Hofacker School in Gartenstr. in Aalen: the girls' dance group has plenty of space and a bright room. Khrystyna Shvets leads the girls in a motivating way, body awareness and rhythm are required.
    We are delighted that the cooperation with the neighbourhood management of Q85 and Heike Jänischke has been intensified and that we now have plenty of space for sports, games and fun until the summer - and of course for learning during tutoring. The project is funded by the Kinderland Foundation Baden-Württemberg.

  • guiding tour to war crime in Aalen

    Aalen. On Friday, a guided tour of the sites of forced labour in Wasseralfingen took place as part of the International Weeks against Racism. The route led from the railway station to the newly erected memorial plaques at the former allotment gardens, on to the stumbling block at the Wiesendorf satellite camp and then to the Russian and Polish graves at the cemetery. The tour, which was organised interactively by Jürgen Menzel from act for transormation, ended at the memorial plaque and the work of art at the town hall. The tour was also translated for Ukrainian participants and the German past and current responsibility for Eastern Europe came up several times. In future, the guided tour can be booked as a memorial site tour at the Um-Welthaus Aalen at any time 

    Translated with DeepL.com (free version)

  • Great Lake Peace Centre and volunteer program

    Faruku Kibaba, Director of the Great Lake Peace Centre from Kasese in Uganda, visited act for transformation in Aalen as a project partner and further cooperation was intensified. There is currently a regular online exchange between young people from Uganda, Georgia and Germany on topics relating to sustainable development, funded by the Development Cooperation Foundation (SEZ), and an incoming volunteer, Salim Mbusa, who works in Aalen at the Um-Welthaus and the adfc bicycle workshop. During the visit to Schwäbisch Hall and the Freundeskreis Afrika e.V., the exchange of volunteers as part of the Weltwärts programme was agreed and from September, a German volunteer will work at the Great Lake Peace Centre in Uganda and a new Ugandan volunteer will come to Aalen to work at Um-Welthaus. The application deadline for the German volunteer is mid-May at: bewerbung@act4transformation.net 

    Photo: (from left to right) Jürgen Menzel (Board member of act for transformation), Faruku Kibaba (Head of Great Lake Peace Centre, Uganda), Claude Keil (Freundeskreis Afrika e.V.), Heidrun Seidel and Salim Mbusa (act for transformation) during their visit to the Freundeskreis Afrika e.V. in Schwäbisch Hall.

  • SWR films wax campaign

    On Thursday, SWR-Aktuell reported on the wax collection campaign for Ukraine organised by act for transformation. The television team from Ulm filmed in the afternoon in the Um-Welthaus (Torhaus) and interviewed the volunteers and participants. They had previously visited Neresheim Abbey and brought candles and Father Matthias from the abbey. Ohla Veronova also organised the wax collection campaign last year, where more than two and a half tonnes were collected. It is sent to the volunteers in Kharkiv, who use it to make new candles that can be used for lighting and cooking. There was a live broadcast to Kharkiv that afternoon, during which the volunteer group in Ukraine and in Aalen greeted and introduced themselves to each other. The people from Kharkiv expressed their gratitude for the support from Aalen and emphasised that even in the second winter of the war there are severe restrictions in the supply of electricity and heat and that support is therefore still needed. The report and film can be found on the SWR website in the Ulm region section (https://www.swr.de/swraktuell/baden-wuerttemberg/ulm/aalen-wachs-ukraine-kloster-neresheim-gefluechtete-frauen-100.html) Photo: SWR-Ulm

  • fairtogether project in Berlin and Aalen

    With the new project "fairtogether: shaping life together" in East Württemberg and Berlin, act for transformation is promoting volunteer work for and with refugees. The project is funded for one year by the "German Foundation for Engagement and
    and Volunteering" and offers various workshops and a
    training for trainers in the fairtogether training concept. The
    project coordinator Alena Kemm will guide and support the training courses and new employees. Napuli Langa Görlich and Gideon Gichiri will implement the project in the Berlin office and Sarah Lobenhofer and Salim Mbusa in Aalen. We are looking forward to the first workshops and the participants.


  • office opening Berlin

    Opening of our new office at Planckstr. 20, in the centre of Berlin. Our project "fairtogether - shaping change together" is for refugees and volunteers working with refugees. It is being implemented in Berlin / Brandenburg and Aalen / Baden-Württemberg and is funded by the Ehrenamtsstiftung. Napuli Paula Langa will coordinate the project in Berlin and realise it with the association "Blacks and Whites together for Human Rights". We are looking forward to the co-operation. 

    Dec. 2023
  • Zeiss electronic microscopes for Georgian schools
    Three high-quality electronic microscopes were handed over to three Georgian schools, sponsored by the Zeiss company in cooperation with act for transformation. Sven Bugaraski from Zeiss introduced the teachers to the school microscopes and led the first lessons with the pupils, who participated with interest and enthusiasm. The Deputy Ambassador and Head of the Cultural Department, Dr Anja Hut from the German Embassy, was present at the handover of the microscopes at school no. ... in Tbilisi and emphasised the importance of high-quality education for young people. Two further microscopes were handed over to a school in Zugdidi in western Georgia in cooperation with the partner Atinati and to a school in Oni with the cooperation partner "Fair Trees". Heidrun Seidel from the office in Aalen accompanied the handover together with the Georgian employees of "act for transformation - caucasus office". We value the cooperation with German companies and Georgian partners and thus support the country's integration into the European Union and give young people prospects for the future in their country, says Alena Kemm, CEO of act for transformation. Oct. 2023
  • Conscientious objectors in the Caucasus
    Young men flee the war in Ukraine. One route leads via the Caucasus to Georgia. We support them with counselling and guidance. An online training series has trained counsellors for conscientious objectors and a hotline has been set up to answer questions. Unfortunately, applications for asylum are currently being processed very slowly and are hardly ever approved. This is why we also support the campaign for the right to conscientious objection, as many organisations are now involved. We are calling for the protection of people who refuse to fight this war, regardless of whether they come from Ukraine, Belarus or Russia, and are taking part in the campaign for Human Rights Day on 10 December: https://de.connection-ev.org/article-3851 Film by Deutsche Welle about two conscientious objectors in the Caucasus: Oct. 2023
  • One World Children's Holiday Programm

    We again offer a varied holiday programme for children at Haldenhof. The children showed a lot of skill juggling with Daniel Schiffner and learned different throwing and balancing techniques with scarves, ball and plate. The children visibly had a lot of fun playing games, exploring the forest and yard and enjoying a natural environment in the fresh air. In the culturally mixed group of Ukrainian, Turkish and German children, there was also constant translation into different languages, but laughter is understandable in all cultures.

  • erasmus+ project2023

    Erasmus+ one-year project completed in July we finished "Fairtogether: You(th) for Peace" with our partners from Poland, Armenia and Georgia in Hornberg-Hostel near Schwäbisch Gmünd. 20 experienced and committed participants from Georgia, Armenia, Poland and Germany took part in the seminar to become Fairtogether multipliers for peace education, inclusion and non-violent conflict resolution in their communities. The main topics of the seminar were evaluation, democracy, political participation and activism. The seminar was led by international experienced trainers from Georgia and Germany. The group of young people had the opportunity to rebuild their relationships, share their experiences with local projects in their own countries and learn from each other's struggles and successes.

  • Pony group at Haldenhof
    Children's Pony Group at Haldenhof The Pony Group at Haldenhof took place on five Mondays for Ukrainian children under the leadership of Martina Zeller and the weltwärts volunteer Anano Ekhavaia from Georgia. Every Monday, the children met at Haldenhof and embarked on a journey into the fascinating life of ponies. Enthusiastically, the children discovered what the ponies prefer to eat, how they graze in the pasture, and how they communicate or behave and how to care for them. The highlight was undoubtedly the opportunity to ride the ponies and learn how to mount, balance and keep control of their movements. Under careful supervision, the children enjoyed the fun of riding through open fields or doing various exercises on a circle course.
  • Integrative bike tour
    The ADFC (German Bike Club) and act for transformation invited to an integrative bike tour in Königsbronn on Saturday and quite a few people from Ukraine, Africa and Germany took part. At the starting point Bohlschule there was a short safety briefing and on the way several sustainable topics were highlighted, such as the Kocher renaturation at Palm, social company concept at Zeiss and hydropower at the Brenztopf. The visit to the Georg Elser Museum addressed the issues of resistance against a dictator and against war. All contributions were translated into Russian and English, but a lot of things worked out directly among the participants. A delicious Pakistani meal and picnic was served on the meadow at the Brenztopf for all participants.
  • Erasmus project "You(th) for peace"
  • visit of Minister in Um-Welthaus

    Minister Lucha visiting the One World House Aalen August 17, 2022 and our Ukraine projects and talked to the women's group. The project is funded by the state in the "Strength Program" (Staerke).

    weiterlesen . . .

    Minister Manfred Lucha showed great interest in our work, as did the Lord Mayor of Aalen, Frederick Bruetting, and District Administrator Joachim Blaese. They informed out about our projects and the support of Ukrainian people in Aalen. In particular, the exchange with Ludymila Komashko's women's group, funded by the country's "Strength" project, gave the women the opportunity to talk to him about their situation and to find German politicians who would listen.