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  • Berlin Office

    We are several organisations in the International Office in Berlin.

    •   act for transformation, gem.eG
    •   afpb - Working Group for Peace Education Organisations e.V.
    •   blacks and whites together for human rights

    We are located in the centre of Berlin near Friedrichstraße S-Bahn station at Planckstr. 20 (rear building on the left). You can reach us at


    Email: berlin@act4transformation.net

  • fairtogether - Shaping life together" - Standing together for a colourful society

    Right-wing populism, polarisation, declining trust in democracy and social inequality are jeopardising cohesion in our society. Standing up together for tolerance, democracy and mutual understanding is the aim of our new project "fairtogether: Shaping life together". At the Um-Welthaus Aalen / Ostalb and our International Office in Berlin / Brandenburg, we will work together with the association Blacks and Whites - Together for Human Rights to empower people with and without a history of flight to become active volunteers for a colourful society and human rights.

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    In the fourteen-month project, we organise an interesting training for new facilitators in our interactive peace education fairtogether concept for active people working with refugees and refugees themselves, who then offer fairtogether workshops in refugee shelters and for mixed groups. After the training, our volunteer managers support the new facilitators and other interested volunteers to continue volunteering and to offer thematic interest groups of refugees and volunteers for refugees. Weekly German language courses and legal advice for refugees in Berlin, psycho-social support for women from Ukraine in Aalen and a peer-to-peer support group in the initial reception centre in Ellwangen have already started. In a second seminar on volunteer management, they learn professional approaches to working as volunteers and we develop opportunities for long-term involvement with act for transformation and Blacks and Whites.

    It is important to us that the voices of refugees, volunteers and our facilitators are also heard in public and that the needs and opportunities for civil society engagement become more visible. Starting in April, we will meet monthly with activists and representatives of groups, NGOs and institutions that are committed to human rights and working with refugees. We will discuss the needs and opportunities for action as volunteers.


  • Global Peace Room

    Our Global Peace Room is a virtual space for young people from Germany, Armenia, Sudan and Uganda to discuss peace and sustainability issues. Last year, we focussed on civil society engagement for a peaceful world and got to know exciting people from different countries and their commitment. This year, we are focussing on sustainability issues and the design of liveable cities and communities.


    You can find the current online programme under Events. If you would like to join the local groups, please contact:

    •     Great Lake Peace Centre in Uganda
    •     act for transformation - caucasus Office
    •     act for transformation, Germany
  • Conscientious Objecotors

    We support young people who are escaping the war in Ukraine via the Caucasus. We offer regular online counselling, a hotline and telegram channel on site and provide advice on compiling documents for possible visa applications or planning onward travel.

    We have joined the campaign for the right to asylum for conscientious objectors. We offer the following services for those affected, relatives and friends of conscientious objectors

    Counselling hotline: Phone +49(0)30 2082284

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    We support organisations that are prepared to offer conscientious objectors an "alternative service abroad", e.g. as BFD, FSJ or an ecological year. We place interested young people who have fled to Georgia or Armenia.

  • History of international Berlin Office

    German and international Quakers have been using this place as an office and place of worship since 1925. Initially, the "International Quaker Office", run by British and American Quakers, moved in to coordinate the Quakers' emergency aid for the German population, the "Quaker feeding programme". The office was headed by an "International Secretariat", which consisted of one American, one British and one German Quaker.

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    With the beginning of the Nazi era, the focus of the work shifted: the Quaker office became an important contact point for persecuted people, whose emigration was organised from there. From here, for example, work was carried out on the so-called "Kindertransports", which enabled a total of 10,000 Jewish children to be rescued by taking them to foster parents in England. Today, there is a memorial to the children of the Kindertransports near the Quaker office. When the USA entered the war, the last foreign Quaker left the office in the summer of 1941. The German Quakers were able to continue to run the office for some time under difficult circumstances

  • Blacks and Whites together for human rights

    Blacks and Whites Together for Human Rights (B/W for H. R) e.v.
    advocates for the rights of refugees and marginalised groups. Its mission is rooted in the principles of Articles 13, 14 and 19 of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights,
    and 19 of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights. The aim is to empower people through training, workshops, awareness-raising and therapeutic programmes and to create a platform for freedom and equality.

  • afpb e.V.

    The "Arbeitskreis friedenspädagogischer Bildungseinrichtungen" e.V. (AfpB) was founded in 1977 and campaigns for more peace education in society and schools. For years, it was the supporting organisation for more than ten peace education institutions vis-à-vis the Federal Agency for Civic Education, until this was withdrawn. In the meantime, there are various peace education networks and a nationwide exchange throughout Germany. In Baden-Württemberg, the Service Centre for Peace Education was established with the Ministry of Education and Cultural Affairs and the State Centre for Political Education, in which we are involved.