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Peace Education

  • Training for counseling conscientious objectors

    Online training and one weekend seminar in South Caucasus


    People who evade the Ukraine war receive support in the form of advice and on the way to asylum or emigration to Europe.

    We offer advanced training in 4 modules (online) and a weekend seminar in Georgia. The following topics are covered:

    - European right to conscientious objection
    - Possibility of asylum in different European countries
    - Right to stay in Georgia / Armenia
    - Support options for conscientious objectors
    - Counseling for people with prison or military experience
    - Basics of consulting and communication
    - Development of a consulting network in the South Caucasus

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    Dates: Online seminar 2 hours 5 p.m.:

    July 13th : Ludmila Komashko, Phd Psychologist, Ukraine; Stress reduction and self awerness

    20th: Charles Tauber; Dr. Psycology, Kroatia (https://www.cwwpp.org)

    27th .: N.N.; Lawyer from Georgia; Rights to stay in Caucasus states

    3th August: Rudi Friedrich; right of C.O. To go to Europe (de.connection-ev.org)

    Presence Seminar in Georgia Rustavi: September 16
    .-18., 2022

    trainer: Juergen Menzel (Germany) + Eliko Bendeljani (Georgia) + Marina Lyubogradova (Russia)

    Registration with a short motivation and references of the participation in civil society at: