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  • Caucasus Office
    In 2018 we opened our “act for transformation - caucasus office” in Tbilisi with guest from civil society organications, Georgian representatives and from German organications. We founded this non-profit association together with former Georgian volunteers and trainers in the line of Georgian law.

    We work in South Caucasus area (Armenia and Georgia) and offer volunteer services by weltwaerts-program, with sending German volunteers and invite youths to make volunteer work in Germany. We offer seminars to global learning and peace-education and organise youth exchange projects, summer camps and carry out peace projects. W

    e have office space and a Global Peace Room together with CPCD (Centre for Peace and C. Development) in Amagleba St. 22, Tbilisi

    You can follow our activity via our Facebook Page: https://www.facebook.com/ActCaucasus

  • Volunteer with weltwaerts Program

    You can come to Germany an work with us in Um-Welthaus Aalen as weltwaerts-incoming volunteer. All needed information you can find under: www.weltwaerts.de/en/volunteers.html

    Regulary we give information about possiblities of volunteer work in Germany with online-presentation (see facebook – film about it) or offer infomation events on schools, youth clubs and institutions with our volunteers from Germany and Austria.

    When you want to work with us in Um-Welthaus, here you find the discription of project partners link

    You have to send your CV and motivation letter to: caucasus@act4transformation.net offer volunteer Project place

  • Becoming a partner organisation

    Would you like to start hosting volunteers from Germany? To get involved as a weltwärts partner organisation, you can establish a partnership with us and get more information. We want to cooperate with civil society organisations which are active in peace building, social justice and sustainable development.

    About the program you can find informations here: https://www.weltwaerts.de/en/becoming-a-partner-organisation.html

    We also started to cooperate with Austrian Service Abroad, were we can have more project places in Georgia: www.auslandsdienst.at/en

    For more information you can contact our caucasus office staff.

  • Internship

    If you are interested on internship with us, you have to look for scholar ship for it. For example we had young pepolie through the ifa Cross Culture Programm or with Erasmus+.

    More information you can find here: https://www.ifa.de/en/funding/crossculture-programme.html (Link falsch)

  • Global Peace Room

    In 2021 we started together with our partner Association Atinati the initiative Global Peace Room. The Global Peace Rooms support peace-education, intercultural exchange and global learning in the South Caucasus Region.

    Act for transformation – Caucasus Office opened one Global Peace Room in Tbilisi. Our partner NGO Association Atinati opened in Zudgdidi a second Global Peace Room funded by “Lachen helfen e.V.”.

    Our understanding of global learning:
    We want to equip children and young people with the necessary skills to reflect on their own role in the global society, to understand complex global developments and to develop new ways of thinking and acting from them. Global learning is a concept of political education that aims at a good life for all people worldwide.

    Global learning understands the people of this earth as a global society. It has a clear value orientation in the sense of global social justice, equality and a sustainable transformation.

    The topics of global learning are connected to the Sustainable Development Goals developed by United Nations: https://sdgs.un.org/goals

    The interactions and cultural exchange between different cultures and communities are for us a central aspect of Global Learning.

    Idea of the Global Peace Room:
    The Global Peace Room is a save space were people from different countries, regions, social and cultural backgrounds come together, get to know each other, share their perspectives and thus develop mutual understanding and a more peaceful living together.

    Children, youth, youth workers and teachers can learn and share ideas about topics connected to the Sustainable Development Goals (SDG) by the United Nations, for instance peaceful living together, non-violence conflict resolution, peace activism, human rights, gender equality and environment protection.

    Activities in the Global Peace Room:

    • Local trainers and multipliers as well as international trainers offer workshops for school students, youth clubs and teachers about regional relevant topics connected to the SDGs
    • Further trainings for youth activists, social workers, youth workers and teachers
    • Intercultural (online) projects in cooperation with NGOs from different countries
    • Fairtogether Workshops

    You can follow our activities on Facebook via the Hashtag: #GlobalPeaceRoom

  • Seminars

    1). Further training „Fairhandel: Multiplying topics of the UNs Sustainable Development Goals (SDG) in online workshops".
    Are you interested in United Nations SDG topic, for example peace, sustainability, gender equality? Do you want to learn different interactive tools for online Workshop facilitation? Are you working with youth, teachers or involved in youth work?

    Act for transformation in cooperation with different NGOs offers (online/partly online) further training for global learning and peace education topics for intercultural diverse groups from Germany and Georgia. The further training duration is 3 months (2 meetings per month) and includes a theoretical part and a practical part for the participants.

    Then please contact our Caucasus Office

    2). “Fairtogether“Workshops
    Would you like to contribute to a better social interaction in your class, schools or youth group?

    In Fairtogether workshops youth develop social skills, skills in cooperative behavior, non-violent conflict resolution and responsible citizenship. The workshops are based on the experiences of the participants and include interactive exercises, discussions, role-plays and reflections. “Fairtogether” Workshops are based on the exercises of the Alternatives to Violence Project (AVP) (https://avp.international/).

    The Workshops are 2 full day workshops (6 hours per day) / 4 half day Workshops (3 hours per day) and conducted by professional trainers. Our trainer teams are in located Zugdidi and Tbilisi.

    You are interested in organizing “Fairtogether” Workshop for your school, youth club or youth group? You are interested in becoming “Fairtogether” trainer? Please contact our Caucasus Office

    Informative presentation about volunteering in Germany (INGA)

  • Projects

    1). „Fairtogether in Georgia: მშვიდობიანი თანამშრომლობისთვის”
    In 2021 Act for transformation together with the partners Association Atinati and act for transformation – Caucasus Office implement the project "Fairtogether in Georgia: მშვიდობიანი  თანამშრომლობისთვის” in Zugdidi municipality.

    Our goals
    Our joint goal is to contribute to violence prevention and peace education in schools and youth clubs in Zugdidi municipality as well as to promote dialogue between different countries and regions. Together with our active partners we  promote peace-education as topic for formal and non-formal education in Georgia.

    Our understanding of peace-education:
    Peace education aims to strengthen civil conflict management and to equip young people with competencies to solve problems. In concrete, peace education means first informing about methods of non-violent conflict resolution, about civil society engagement, about preventing violence, about strengthening human rights, about promoting justice, about mediation and reconciliation work.

    Activities of the project:
    In a training of trainers 17 youth workers and youth activists are trained as “Fairtogether trainers” by international trainer team from Ukraine, Germany and Georgia. The new trainers offer Workshops in partner schools in Zugdidi municipality and a Fairtogether Summer Camp for youth. Together with Radio Atinati youth create 6 radio programs, which are broadcasted in Samegrelo and Abkhazia region. In a joint online conference Trainers, NGOs from Germany, Georgia and Ukraine and representatives of the educational ministries share experience about concepts of peace-education and “peace schools”.

    The project is funded by German Federal Foreign Office in the framework of the program "Expanding Cooperation with Civil Society in the Eastern Partnership Countries and Russia" and co – financed by Quäker-Hilfe e.V.

    For further information about project, please contact:
    Caucasus Office
    Association Atinati

  • Bertha von Suttner House

    the Idea

    Bertha von Suttner Peace House vision of good society is pluralistic, gender based and tolerant, where all people and different interest groups are integrated, interact and coexist in a non-violent way.

    The Peace House is Value Based organization and values are defined according to Bertha Von Suttner’s work and believe. Bertha von Suttner Peace House invites each and every initiative that promotes Peace,  Nonviolence and related fields according to values mentioned below.

    find more here: