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Caucasian Conscientious Objectors Network

  • Caucasian Conscientious Objecotors Network

    Because of the war in Ukraine, many people fled to Georgia and Armenia in the South Caucasus, partly because they refuse to do military service in their country. To support these people, a network of advisors has been set up to support these young people. A hotline offers initial advice on questions of the right to stay, asylum in Europe and personal concerns.

    A Telegram channel provides information on the current development of peace protests in Russia and Ukraine and on the development of conscientious objection in the region. A website provides basic information on the legal situation and conscientious objection in the countries of Azerbaijan, Armenia, Georgia and Russia.



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    We also offer an initial reception apartment for conscientious objectors until they have found their own apartment or have planned to continue their journey and we support them in their orientation in the new country.

    In the network with other European and international peace organizations, we demand international solidarity and the recognition of the right to conscientious objection as a reason for asylum, even if people fled before they were drafted.