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Global Peace Room

  • Global Peace Room


    In 2021 we started together with our partner Association Atinati the initiative Global Peace Room. The Global Peace Rooms support peace-education, intercultural exchange and global learning in the South Caucasus Region.

    Act for transformation – Caucasus Office opened one Global Peace Room in Tbilisi. Our partner NGO Association Atinati opened in Zudgdidi a second Global Peace Room.

    Our understanding of global learning:

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    We want to equip children and young people with the necessary skills to reflect on their own role in the global society, to understand complex global developments and to develop new ways of thinking and acting from them. Global learning is a concept of political education that aims at a good life for all people worldwide.

    Global learning understands the people of this earth as a global society. It has a clear value orientation in the sense of global social justice, equality and a sustainable transformation.

    The topics of global learning are connected to the Sustainable Development Goals developed by United Nations: https://sdgs.un.org/goals

    The interactions and cultural exchange between different cultures and communities are for us a central aspect of Global Learning.

    Idea of the Global Peace Room:
    The Global Peace Room is a save space were people from different countries, regions, social and cultural backgrounds come together, get to know each other, share their perspectives and thus develop mutual understanding and a more peaceful living together.

    Children, youth, youth workers and teachers can learn and share ideas about topics connected to the Sustainable Development Goals (SDG) by the United Nations, for instance peaceful living together, non-violence conflict resolution, peace activism, human rights, gender equality and environment protection.

    Activities in the Global Peace Room:

      • Local trainers and multipliers as well as international trainers offer workshops for school students, youth clubs and teachers about regional relevant topics connected to the SDGs

      • Further trainings for youth activists, social workers, youth workers and teachers

      • Intercultural (online) projects in cooperation with NGOs from different countries

      • Fairtogether Workshops