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Internationles Büro

  • History of international Berlin Office

    German and international Quakers have been using this place as an office and place of worship since 1925. Initially, the "International Quaker Office", run by British and American Quakers, moved in to coordinate the Quakers' emergency aid for the German population, the "Quaker feeding programme". The office was headed by an "International Secretariat", which consisted of one American, one British and one German Quaker.

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    With the beginning of the Nazi era, the focus of the work shifted: the Quaker office became an important contact point for persecuted people, whose emigration was organised from there. From here, for example, work was carried out on the so-called "Kindertransports", which enabled a total of 10,000 Jewish children to be rescued by taking them to foster parents in England. Today, there is a memorial to the children of the Kindertransports near the Quaker office. When the USA entered the war, the last foreign Quaker left the office in the summer of 1941. The German Quakers were able to continue to run the office for some time under difficult circumstances