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Partnership with East Europe

Since the end of the Cold War the states in East Europe experience a transformation process to democracy and civil-society structures. We support this shift to a strong civil society through encounter measures and partnerships. With the AVP-Network East Europe (Alternatives to Violence Project) we have cooperated for many years, for example with AVP Georgia, AVP Russia and AVP Ukraine.

We are happy that in 2018 we celebrated the opening of our “Caucasus Office” through which we offer volunteer services by “weltwärts”, organise youth encounters and carry out different peace projects.

In 2016 the Federal Foreign Office funded on of our projects entitled “Non-violent transformation-development of alternatives”. It was carried out in cooperation with our partners from AVP East Europe.

In this context roughly 40 AVP-workshops, 3 trainings of trainers and one common peace camp for children from Georgia, Armenia and Ukraine have taken place.