Here you will find the current program from the Um-Welthaus Aalen.

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The yearly general assembly is selecting the

Board: Benjamin Koehler and Juergen Menzel

and the advisory Board: Georg Schiefer


Um-Welthaus Aalen (One-World House)


coordinator:  Andreas Wenzel

team: Menua Gaba (facilitator Global Learning)

and the volunteers


Volunteer and Peace Service


Coordinator:  Juergen Menzel

and the Georgian volunteers


Caucasus Office - Tbilisi


Coordinator:            Kakha Kotashvili

Office management: Inga Shamugia



regional membership

  • network against Rassism
  • Network Asylum
  • Intercultural Garden
  • One World Agenda
  • Agenda Groupe and Parlament
  • German alliance for debt relief - Erlaßjahr-Kampagne
  • peace network Aalen and region