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Advanced trainings

We offer further education and training in social and leadership competencies to promote communication skills, creativity, non-violent conflict management and intercultural competence. Our training courses are process- and participant-oriented and are methodically and didactically designed to appeal to employees, educationists, youth teamers and executives.


The advanced trainings may be ranging from the form of lectures, one-day basic training courses to seminars lasting several days. Some of the course modules are:


  • Non-violent and intercultural conflict resolution
  • Team and leadership competency
  • Arbitration and mediation in intercultural contexts
  • Training of trainers
  • Intercultural communication
  • Stress management and de-escalation

In addition to the training courses listed here, we can also organise training and program planning schedules specific to your requirements tailored to your Personal- and Project development needs.


For more on specific training courses see: Documents