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Cooperation partners

EPIZ Development Educational Information Centre (Entwicklungspädagogisches Informationszentrum)


The centre located in Reutlingen, Germany, is the hub in Baden-Württemberg for global learning and advice – linking teachers, pupils, further education teachers and educational institutions. It lends out media and resources on many different topics and can arrange for workers and volunteers returning from development projects abroad to come and speak about their experience at schools and educational institutions.




Coordination centre for prevention work in the Ostalb region


The focus of the work of the coordination centre for prevention work in the Ostalb region is to make schools and society at large more aware of the importance of violence prevention and how it can be achieved, and to motivate all concerned to ensure that violence prevention becomes a key part of the everyday life.



avp Trainer networks


We support the Peace process in different crisis regions and work together with a variety of civilian organizations and their trainers. Specifically the Alternatives to Violence Project (AVP) in Sudan and East Europa (Georgia, Ukraine, Armenia) are among those who also offer training courses on conflict resolution and peace promotion.