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Youth work

We come to schools and youth groups to hold lectures and courses and offer support for project days and workshops. The content is chosen to suit the age of the pupils, at their particular level, in primary or secondary or for youth groups using appropriate content, media and didactic methods.


We are active in the following fields:


Global Learning

We are participating in the UN’s decade of "Education for Sustainable Development“ (2004-2014) and offer global learning in schools and education( Children can learn playfully about One World and young people can find out about what development work and peace policy involves.

Topics include: Children’s rights, Poverty, Fair Trade, Conflict Resolution, Inter-Faith Dialogue, Voluntary Work, etc.


Intercultural Understanding

We learn to better understand both our own and "other” cultures through games and exercises about perception, communication and activities together. This helps us to open up to the positive side of cultural diversity.

We offer the following training courses: Intercultural Training, Volunteer Preparation, Supervising International Youth Meetings, Cultural Projects, etc.


Social Competency & Violence Prevention

These courses promote communication skills, the ability to handle conflict, the ability to work well in a team, as well as encouraging self-confidence in children and young people. Games and role-plays lead to a better understanding of violence prevention.

We offer the following training courses: Mutual Respect Courses (social competence training), Self-Assurance Training, Civil Courage & De-escalation Training, Experience-Building Activities.


For more on specific seminars and lectures see: Documents