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Support our projects for a non-violent, just world, for better opportunities for young people and for a fair cooperation. Every donation helps.

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 You can also support us regularly and durably with a monthly donation. If you intend to do so, please just fill in the Form of regular donor and send the filled-in and signed form to our Office. Every lasting donation is a great contribution to our work for a non-violent and just world.


Active for Peace in Sudan -Support human rights activists!

 Like in other Arabic countries there is a non-violent movement for democracy and justice in Sudan which needs our solidarity. These NGOs and activists are engaged for a peaceful change in their country.


Relief Fund for political prisoners in Sudan

The Relief Fund is predominantly for non-violent activists who are persecuted and threatened in Sudan or forced to flee, as well as for supporting

  • cost for lawyers and legal advice for political prisoners
  • medical and therapeutic treatment of individual victims of torture
  • non-violent movement in Sudan.

 Please sustain people who are engaged for a peaceful development in their country.


donation cue: Peace Sudan



Mai Ali is a Sudanese trainer of non-violence and engaged in different NGOs. After she was subjected to human rights violations in Khartoum, she escaped from the harassment by going to Germany. She worked as an intern for ACT FOR TRANSFORMATION. After that she returned to Sudan, again engaged for peace and human rights, again facing repression and again coming to Germany in 2012.


Interview with Mai Shutta, human rights activist and trainer from Sudan


Napuli Langa; is also trainer for non-violence and was engaged in different NGOs and networks in Sudan. After being subjected to repression by security forces in 2010 she flew to Uganda and tried to continue her work for a non-violent change. In 2012 she escaped to Germany and was part of the protest camp at the Oranienplatz in Berlin. She was one of the speakers of that group of refugees and works for the rights of refugees.Her application for asylum is not yet attested. In the documentary "Insel 36" (meaning Island 36) her engagement and life is portrayed as well as her proposal for human rights in Germany.

 Report in German newspaper taz Interview with Napuli Langa of 19, February 2013 and TV-report Protest march of refugees "No one is illegal" with Napuli Langa


Ubuntu: Diversity for the world and the region

Ubuntu: Projects for global and sustainable Learning

Ubuntu, an African word for equivalence of humans, points at the equal opportunities and rights of human beings, of diversity and peaceful copperation.

Global and local topics of often linked together: as your Jeans wandering around the world to our shops, or as small farmers in the Global South need to get as fair prices for their products like we do.

Education for Sustainable Development, Peace Building and Global Learning altogether can show us interconnections and perspectives for action.

As an extracurricular education provider ACT FOR TRANSFORMATION offers courses for schools and interesting groups. In these courses global learning will be experienced vividly and very practically. Pupils will test themselves how different sorts of apples taste and are learning how to open up a mango easily. They will meet people from different countries and are engaged for the right of all humans and against discrimination. In a global world, which is not only connected by internet, young persons learn to better understand global and local interconnections and will become active for their own future.

Although getting some state funds we still need some donations for our educational work.

Donation cue: Ubuntu

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Getting on fairly with each other

Trainings for Youths

The project "Get on fairly with each other" adresses young people in Germany coming from socially marginalised families who have difficulties in getting a qualified school leaving certificate or an apprentice position. Many of them have a migratory background.

By learning an intercultural and social skills, constructive resolutions of conflicts and cooperative behaviour their development to become a responsible citizen and their opportunities for future are enhanced.

It is important to recognize the advantages of different cultural backgrounds and integrate them into society.

The project "Get on fairly with each other" contributes to enhances posibilities for youths and foster a climate of tolerance and openness towards different cultures in our society.

Become an educational mentor: suport our courses about social skills in school!