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Countries of South Caucasus

Georgia and Armenia  are located in the South of the Caucasus and between the Black and Caspian Sea. They have a very old Christian history and always was a transit country at the  Road of Silk, therefore also influenced by Islam. For a long time they were part of the Russian Confederation until they became independent in 1991.

Besides its culture Georgia and Armenia offers a great diversity of landscapes: in the Southeast of Georgia there is subtropical climate, in the North there are magnificent snowy mountains of Caucasus, in the East and South there is a big steppe, but also the well-known Georgian vine is growing there.


Voluntary Service in Georgia and Armenia offers possibilities to learn to know a country on its way to democracy, having hospitable people and gastronomic richness. But the results of the passed wars still burden the development. Shortly after independence, Abchasia split up and waged war, in 2008 the same occurred in South Osetia and the Berg-Karabach conflict with Aserbaidshan burden their relationship. Many internally displaced persons (IDP) und a difficult economic development are only some of the problems that have to be solved.

However there is a strong civil society which many times have urged governmental change by non-violent protests (Revolution of Roses) and play a key role in society.

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