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We are glad that from 2017 on we could send volunteers with "Weltwärts" to Georgia.

"Weltwärts" is a programme for volunteers in the age between 18 and 28 years run by the Ministry of Development and Cooperation (BMZ). The goal is that young people could experience in working in social and developmental projects in foreign countries.


Send an e-mail until 15. Januar 2017 including
a. Curriculum Vitae
b. Text about your motivation that answer the following questions:

  • Why are you interested in voluntary service and what are your expectations?
  • Have you already gained experience in foreign countries or with different cultures?
  • Do you have been active voluntarily somehow?
  • Which of your skills would like to introduce in which do you want to learn?

(please write the text in English, as the project partners also shall be able to read it)


Until Ende of December you are receiving a message about whether you are invited to a Selection interview - either by telephone or in our office.

And this is how it continues:

Building up a group of supporters: As the "Weltwärts"-programme do not offer finances for everything, we are in need of sponsors - which is something that the volunteer also has to take care of.

Preparation workshop in the first half of 2017 (possibly 7th to 9th of April and 24th to 28th of May): In these workshops in Germany applicants are well-prepared for their voluntary service (participation is obligate).

1st of September departure: At first there is a Preparatory Seminar in Tbilisi in the hosting country and after that work begins at the site of the project partner. In autumn the volunteers meet to a Interim Seminar. After 12 months the work in the hosting country is finished.

The voluntary service ends with the Final Seminar in September.

On the "Weltwärts"-Webpage you find many answers to frequently asked questions regarding voluntary service. Additionally we also are available to answer your questions. Just contact us by e-mail ( and we will arrange a date for consultation by telephone.

For our decision to take you as volunteer your motivation and your openness for the culture of the hosting country is the most important item. Additionally you should be exposed to learn at least some rudimentary knowledge of language (English or Russian as working language), should have the serenity which is needed in new and unknown situations of life and social engagement. 

We want to send open-minded, interested and engaged young people, who enrich the work in the positions and who bring in ideas. After having made their experiences they should pass these on to others in Germany.

Voluntary service lasts normally 12 months (possiblly prolonged to 18 months) and it is without salary (but 100 Euro pocket money). Accomodation and meals are organised by project partners, mostly in host families.