Here you will find the current program from the Um-Welthaus Aalen.

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Becoming a sponsor

For our work and projects we regularly receive public finances. But for getting them we additionally have to raise money of our own. As a sponsor we could name you alongside official state sponsors like Ministry of Development and Cooperation (BMZ) or Ministry of the Federal States [Bundesländer] and point to the fact that You are supporting our activities.

You can support our work as a whole or some special projects. We will of course announce your sponsorship in this regard.

We would be glad to get into contact with you and speak about the details. We announce your sponsorship of our work and send you a certificate on tax-advantage.

Or we can develop an accord on sponsorship or advertisement which regulates, where and how you are announced as a sponsor.


A long-raging sponsorship for our whole work

- announcement of your sponsorship on our website, our facebook-site with your logo and a link to your website;

- announcement of your sponsorship in our annual report and regular publication or newsletters including your logo;

- announcement of your sponsorship on information stands of our association.


Sponsor of projects

- annoncement on our website of the project;

- announcement in publications about our project and internal newslettters;

- inclusion in project presentations and products of the projects.


Onetime sponsoring

Of course you can also support us one time by contributing with money or items. In corresponding events and materials we would include your logo and Name. Additionally you would be included on our list of sponsors and supporters.

You see here our list of promoters and sponsors.