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Membership in the association

If you support our goals and guiding principles and want to join us you can become a member. See our Statute).

Our members are executing our projects and activities and are engaged locally and globally for a just and peaceful world.

Very consciously we have choosen the form of an association, as thus every member can decide and participate truely according equal rights for all.


With a contribution of 200 Euro, which can be payed in two rates each rate, you will be an investing member and are invited to activiely participate in every assembly of our association.

With five contributions (i.e. 1.000 Euro) you will be ordinary fellow of the association and can participate in formal and executive decision making processes (e.g. election of board members, approval of activities of board members, finances).


If you only want to participate selectively or just want to promote our work you can be associated or sponsoring member by donating a regular membership fee or freely choosen promoting contribution. Thus con can support the work of the association and you elect from a list of representatives the members of the advisory board of the association. As we are a non-profit organisation your contribution could be tax-advantaged.


Soon you will find a formular for becoming a member and more informations on this webpage.